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GRIP Diagnostics Software

Click here to download our GDS (GRIP Diagnostics Software)

The GRIP Diagnostics Software (GDS) is an accessory program available to allow direct, live communication with the GRIP Idle Management System. The GDS can help troubleshoot any issues that the user might have and will also provide a tool to document savings such as greenhouse gas reductions and fuel. It is an alternative option to the EMAT tool that will automatically populate the VIN of the vehicle and apply it to the graphs directly. For more information on the graphs, please reference the EMAT link under “Support”.

Installing GRIP Diagnostics Software

The GDS consists of a CANFox diagnostics cable and software. The GDS is only available for Windows XP and newer. To install, simply click on the link above and install the program onto your desktop. Before opening the program, ensure that the CANFox cable is connected to the computer, as the OPC server must see the connection of the cable before opening lines of communication. This is done when the program initially opens. The program can be opened on the desktop or start menu after the install is complete.