Police and EMS



How can The GRIP be utilized by you?

Due to the amount of time that police and EMS vehicles spend idle while on emergency scenes, doing paperwork and waiting for calls the GRIP will significantly reduce engine idle. Some of the benefits these vehicles will see are:

          - Safety and Comfort of the Operator
          - Reduced Idle
          - Reduced Fuel Consumption
          - Extended Vehicle Life
          - Reduced Scheduled Maintenance
          - Improved Public Perception

The vehicle can be secured yet still monitored using the optional anti theft. This will allow the operator to work outside of the vehicle with keys removed from ignition and vehicle locked. The GRIP will monitor battery voltages and interior climate and only start the vehicle when it is needed to maintain functions in contrast to the traditional method of leaving the vehicle running the entire time. All lighting, computers, communications and interior climate remain operational in the GRIP anti-theft mode. Applications for K-9 and prisoner transfer vehicles, medical transport are some specialty applications already in use.