The Anti-Idling Technology of Choice by North America's Top Fleets

Reduce fuel consumption, engine wear, maintenance costs, fuel costs, and much more with the GRIP Idle Management System.

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What can GRIP do for your fleet?

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Diagnose and diminish your fuel consumption and waste
Reduce Engine Wear
Spend less time in the shop and more time on the road
Reduce Costs
Decrease costs by eliminating fuel waste and engine wear
Reduce Emissions
Reduce your entire fleet’s harmful carbon emissions
Idle Tracker™

Keep track of your fleet's idling, costs, and savings

Get a detailed view of your entire fleet’s idling habits, fuel consumption, engine wear, and the effectiveness of your investment in the GRIP Idle Management System.
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Fleet Dashboard

Configure GRIP vehicle settings from the comfort of your office

That’s right. With the GRIP 3.0 + Idle Tracker™, you can manage and customize all your vehicle’s primary GRIP configurations from the comfort of your office, home, or, well, anywhere with an internet connection.

Never miss an important event alert from your fleet vehicles

Low battery alerts? Shutdown due to low voltage? Loss of communication with vehicle? With events, you’ll never miss an important notification, and catch preventative issues well before they happen.
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Light-duty, heavy-duty, gas, diesel... you name it

Built for on-road, off-road, light-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles, GRIP is multifuel functional and is equipped for a wide range of vehicle types.

Be proud of an ROI-positive, green solution to your fleet's idling

We’re extremely conscious of providing your fleet with great savings and green solutions. Most fleet’s savings pay off their GRIP investment well within the first year and see significant ROI for the entire life of their fleet vehicles.
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Columbus is proud to be on the cutting edge of “greening” our fleets for our first responders, whom have embraced the technology in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Columbus Police became recognized as a “1-Star” Clean Cities Fleet for the state of Ohio in 2018, because of our results related to the implementation of GRIP’s anti idle technology.

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Kelly Reagan
Fleet Manager,
Columbus Police Department
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Ready to reduce your fleet's idling?
Based on your fleet makeup, our vast collection of data, and documented industry standards, we’ll identify how much your fleet is idling, what it’s costing you, how much fuel your fleet is wasting, engine wear caused by idling, and harmful CO2 emissions.
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Based on your fleet makeup and documented industry standards, we’ll identify how much your fleet is idling, how much it’s costing you, wasted fuel, engine wear, and CO2 emissions.