Does your fleet have an expensive idling problem?

The GRIP Idle Management System is the industry’s premium anti-idling solution. GRIP identifies, analyzes, and reduces vehicle idling time, fuel consumption, and emissions while improving operator safety, comfort, and convenience.

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A unified system to

Reduce Your Fleets Idling

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Identify and reduce your entire fleet's harmful carbon emissions.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Diagnose and diminish your fleet's fuel consumption and waste.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Reduce Operating Costs

Decrease your operational costs by eliminating fuel waste and engine wear.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Extend Vehicle Life

Reduce harmful wear and extend the lifespan of your fleet's vehicles.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Reduce Maintenance Hours

Spend less time repairing fleet vehicles in the shop and more time on the road.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Improve Safety & Security

Improve the safety and security of your vehicle's operators.

How Does the GRIP System Work?

GRIP controls the vehicles ignition signal

Engine runs based on programming & configuration

GRIP "hybridizes" the vehicle

Anti-Idling Technology System - GRIP Idle Management

Retains complete auxiliary equipment functionality even when GRIP shuts down the engine

Monitors battery and climate conditions and automatically manages the vehicle ignition.

Utilizes and manages the vehicle's battery energy and engine heat

fleet dashboard

Track and Analyze Your Fleet's Data

Get a detailed view of your entire fleet’s idling habits, fuel consumption, engine wear, and the effectiveness of your investment in the GRIP Idle Management System.

Reduce Utility Vehicle Fleet Idling
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Ready to reduce your fleets idling?

Enjoy a hassle-free, no-obligation review of your fleet, where we assess your fleet size, idling habits, fuel and maintenance costs, and how the GRIP Idle Management System will help you improve your idling for a profitable, environmentally-friendly fleet.

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