The Idle Reduction Technology of Choice by North America's Top Fleets

The GRIP Idle Management System is a patented, proprietary idle reduction technology installed in fleet vehicles to manage and reduce vehicle idling.

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What is the GRIP Idle Management System?

The GRIP Idle Management System is a proprietary, patented idle reduction technology installed in fleet vehicles that automates, manages, and controls the vehicle’s ignition signal. This allows the system to turn the engine on and off when placed in Park or Neutral, while retaining primary vehicle functions – which is vital for maintaining power to onboard systems, airbags, work-specific functions, and other important safety features that are disabled when the engine is turned off manually.

What does GRIP's idle reduction technology do for your fleet?

By controlling the vehicle’s ignition, GRIP removes operator reliance from your idling equation and allows for systematic, automated management of your vehicle’s operation. 

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Reduce Fuel Consumption
Diagnose and diminish your fuel consumption and waste
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Reduce Engine Wear
Spend less time in the shop and more time on the road
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Reduce Costs
Decrease costs by eliminating fuel waste and engine wear
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Reduce Emissions
Reduce your entire fleet’s harmful carbon emissions

Reduce idling in nearly any industry and application

The GRIP Idle Management Systems unique plug-and-play, idle reduction technology is applicable in a wide range of industries, applications, fuel, and vehicle types.

Policing & Security
Utilities & Public Works
Construction & Building
Work Trucks
Mining & Metals
Military & Defense
Bulk Handling
Airport & Airline

GRIP doesn't just analyze the idling problem, it solves it

Far beyond standard telematics, GRIP takes actual control of the vehicle’s engine and systems as well as provides real, analytical data regarding your fleet’s idling, reductions, and savings. GRIP also reduces and reports on fuel consumption, fuel costs, engine wear, maintenance costs, operator behaviour, and much more.

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GRIP in the News

Find out what fleet industry experts are saying about GRIP’s idle reduction technology.

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Columbus is proud to be on the cutting edge of “greening” our fleets for our first responders, whom have embraced the technology in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Columbus Police became recognized as a “1-Star” Clean Cities Fleet for the state of Ohio in 2018, because of our results related to the implementation of GRIP’s anti idle technology.

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Kelly Reagan
Fleet Manager,
Columbus Police Department

Don't just take our word for it

Our friends at London Hydro have experienced tremendous results from the implementation of GRIP’s idle reduction technology in their fleet. Find out what Fleet Manager, Mark Valade, and Director of Logistics and Operations, Rick Stainthorpe, have to say.

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Ready to reduce your fleet's idling?

Reduce idling within your fleet and start saving on wasted fuel consumption, maintenance costs, vehicle life and more.

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