A Secure, Anti-Theft Idle Management System

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When it comes to managing fleets, operator and vehicle safety and security are of utmost importance. Idling is a big issue and results in significant harmful CO2 emissions. That said, many municipalities, utility companies, first responders, and other professions require vehicle idling to perform their daily tasks. With the increased focus on fleet managers targeting environmentally-friendly solutions, finding a balance between safety, security, and fleet idling control can be very tricky — but not anymore.

The GRIP Idle Management System is an all-in-one solution that manages and controls vehicle idling. Better yet, the GRIP System can operate and control a variety of vehicle auxiliary functions, including climate (heating and cooling), battery monitoring, humidity control, engine-start, and anti-theft.

Anti-Theft Module - GRIP Idle Management System

So, how does the GRIP System provide secure, Anti-theft idle management?

By controlling and managing the vehicle’s idling, the GRIP System allows the operator to remove the keys while the system continues to monitor and control the vehicle.

Let’s put this into a real-world scenario.

In harsh, cold Northern climates, it’s common that vehicles run consistently (yes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week) to ensure the vehicle doesn’t get too cold to start again. As a result of this constant idling, there’s a significant threat of vehicle theft, as the operator needs to run the vehicle without occupying it — a warm, already-running vehicle with the keys in the ignition is a free-for-all for robbery.

With the GRIP Idle Management System installed, the operator can:

  • leave the vehicle with keys in-hand;
  • retain the climate required to start and run the vehicle (while the GRIP System controls the on/off to provide power and manage idling);
  • rest easy knowing their vehicle is safe and secure

If an attempt to steal the vehicle occurs while the operator is away from the vehicle (with the keys), the GRIP System will stall the engine, disabling any successful theft.

Take a look at this video from CTV News of idling vehicle theft footage released by Toronto Police.

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