Anti-Idling Solutions

The GRIP Idle Management System improves your fleet's performance

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Understand & Improve Your Fleet's Idling

The GRIP Idle Management System is a set-and-forget anti-idling solution that provides an in-depth understanding and resolution to fleet performance, creating more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective fleets.

Why your fleet is idling

The GRIP Idle Management System creates a full-scope, near real-time view of your fleet’s vehicle usage, including reasons for idling, auxiliary equipment usage, fuel consumption, and much more.
Reduce Utility Vehicle Fleet Idling

How to eliminate waste

By identifying your fleet’s idling habits, you can fully understand your fleets wasted idling, wasted fuel consumption, and the amount of harmful CO2 its emitting.

Informed, data-backed strategies

With a full understanding of your entire fleets idling, behaviour, and waste, you can implement informed, data-backed strategies to improve your fleet’s performance.

Savings and improvements

With the GRIP’s ongoing data collection and analysis Dashboard, you get a full breakdown of your fleet’s savings and improvements, including eliminated engine wear hours, idling, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions.
Ready to reduce your fleet's idling?
Based on your fleet makeup, our vast collection of data, and documented industry standards, we’ll identify how much your fleet is idling, what it’s costing you, how much fuel your fleet is wasting, engine wear caused by idling, and harmful CO2 emissions.
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Based on your fleet makeup and documented industry standards, we’ll identify how much your fleet is idling, how much it’s costing you, wasted fuel, engine wear, and CO2 emissions.