Emergency Medical Services

Reduce idling, emissions, and operational costs

By eliminating unnecessary idling, GRIP reduces emissions, costs, extends vehicle life, and improves operator safety.

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Columbus is proud to be on the cutting edge of “greening” our fleets for our first responders, whom have embraced the technology in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Columbus Police became recognized as a “1-Star” Clean Cities Fleet for the state of Ohio in 2018, because of our results related to the implementation of GRIP’s anti idle technology.
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Kelly Reagan
Fleet Manager,
Columbus Police Department

Improve officer safety & security

Through years of working with policing fleets, the GRIP System has adapted to include unique, proprietary features and functionality specific to improving officer safety and security.

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Control front and rear climates

In EMS industries, it’s critical to monitor and manage front and rear climates to maintain adequate temperatures for paramedics, patients, equipment, and medicine. GRIP automatically monitors front and rear climate to ensure adequate temperature is maintained.

Engine off. Components on.

Training operators to shut off the vehicle is one approach to reducing idling; however, when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off by an operator, the airbags, windshield wipers, lighting, and other equipment are also powered off. With the GRIP System, all auxiliary functions, lighting, and communications devices are fully functional while the vehicle’s engine is powered off.

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Shore power monitoring

The GRIP System is fully compatible with shore power.

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Reduce idling, emissions, and costs

By controlling the vehicle’s ignition, GRIP automatically turns the engine on and off, eliminating unnecessary idling in your fleet.

Ready to reduce your EMS & paramedic fleet's idling?

Get a GRIP on idling in your EMS fleet and improve operator safety, reduce operational costs, and extend the life of your fleet’s vehicles.

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