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Benefits of the GRIP Idle Management System

Capture Data
Fully Customizable

Capture Data

Evaluate your entire fleet

Identify Idling Behaviour

Understand when and why your fleet is idling.

Analyze GRIP Usage

Identify what function(s) the GRIP System is performing throughout your fleet.

Report Savings

Get a perfect view of your entire fleet savings using the GRIP System.

Anti-Idling Data - GRIP Idle Management


Protect & secure your fleet operators

Anti-Theft System

Keep your operator and vehicles safe and secure with the GRIP’s expert anti-theft functionality.

Needs-Specific Functionality

Tweak and tailor your GRIP experience to the specific needs of your fleet, jobs, and operator requirements.

Comfortable Climate Control

Ensure your operators are safe and comfortable inside their vehicles in even the harshest of climates.

Operator Safety - GRIP Idle Management


Enjoy significant returns throughout the life of your system

Quick Payback

Most GRIP users see a full return on investment in 6-24 months using the GRIP System.

Continued Winnings

The GRIP continues to reap financial gains throughout the entire life of the system.

ROI Focused Idle Reduction Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Customize for Your Needs

Need to address a unique idling function? We can help with that.

Tailor Your System Functionality

Address unique idling requirements.

Control Specific Auxiliary Functions

Manage and analyze unique auxiliary functions.

Analyze Your Customizations

Get a full data-view of your custom functions.

Customizable Idle Reduction System - GRIP Idle Management

Ready to build a better fleet?

Enjoy a hassle-free, no-obligation review of your fleet, where we assess your fleet size, applications requirements, idling habits, and how we’ll help you optimize your idling for a profitable, environmentally-friendly fleet.

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