Optimizing your fleet's energy and efficiency through a specialized data consultation

GRIP’s Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation Program is a specialized process that deploys proprietary Idle Tracker technology in a selection of your fleet vehicles to determine critical fleet energy and efficiency data in a comprehensive and easy-to-use report.

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What is the Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation Service?

With pressure to reduce fossil fuel reliance and GHG emissions, the best way to start that process is to understand the efficiency of your fleet to determine the technological solution best suited to your unique needs, and the simple changes that can impact your energy usage. The Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation Service provides fleets with:

  • Overall vehicle utilization values
  • Identification of how much time the vehicle is stationary in park with the engine operating (idling)
  • Identification of how much time the vehicle is stationary in drive with the engine operating (idling)
  • Idling behaviour data, including length of idle periods and their frequency
Vehicle Utilization Data

What's in it for your fleet?

The Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation Service provides fleet managers with a standardized report that establishes critical baseline values for key data indicators, including vehicle utilization, emissions data, energy consumption, and much more. This data is provided in a simple, easy-to-read, shareable document with data and charts of data collected. This report provides recommendations for optimizing your fleet's energy consumption in the vehicles selected for the data analysis program.

Here's how it works

Complete the online intake form

Identifies initial high-level information about your fleet to ensure the best strategy is applied to your consultation.

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We'll review your information

Based on the details submitted in the intake form, we’ll assess your information and connect with you to confirm the next steps.

You're ready to go!

The Idle Tracker hardware ships directly to you, ready for installation in your first selection of vehicles.

  • Monitors unpublished data unique to Idle Tracker
  • Use transmission position to distinguish vehicle operation
  • Collects data more accurately and efficiently than any other technology
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Get online access to your data

Upon receiving your Idle Trackers, you’ll be provided with login credentials to our Fleet Dashboard to access your data.

Expert data analysis & recommendations

After 30-days of data collection, your information is reviewed by a specialized team of fleet data analysts, providing you with a comprehensive report that includes the current efficiency of energy use as well as recommendations to reduce energy consumption and improve fleet efficiency.

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Data you can count on

We take data quality and accuracy seriously. Our data is derived directly from the source — your transmission position and RPM’s — to provide the clearest quality of your vehicle utilization, behaviour, and much more. We also utilize government and industry-leading resources for emissions and energy data, including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with a Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation Service, please complete the Intake Form here.

Yes, you can! We do require a minimum commitment of hours per vehicle to determine accurate utilization. However, once that threshold has been met, Idle Tracker can be moved to a new vehicle for analyzation.

Not at all. Installation of the Idle Tracker is easy and completely hidden from the operator’s view.

Once you’ve received the Idle Trackers and they’ve been installed in your initial vehicles, you’ll gain access to our proprietary, online Fleet Dashboard to view your data.

You bet! Your data can be accessed by multiple members of your organization with their own secure login credentials.

In your final data summary, you’ll receive precise information specific to the vehicle, including:

  • Overall vehicle utilization
  • Idle analysis in Park & Neutral and in Drive
  • Idle behaviour
  • How long the periods of idle are
  • How often periods of idle occur
  • How frequently these periods of idle occur

The number of Idle Tracker’s required is dependent on the number of vehicles in your fleet, the makeup and breakdown of your vehicles, and the amount of time allocated for data collection.

Though the recommendations to optimize your fleet’s energy and efficiency varies significantly based on the data acquired, some recommendations may include:

  • Identification of underutilized vehicles
  • Ways to reduce idling and emissions
  • The effectiveness of current idling policies
  • Gaps in current data acquired from telematics or internal calculations
  • Solutions to improve asset readiness and availability
  • Effective strategies and options for implementing technological solutions in your fleet

We collect data direct from your vehicle’s CANbus Network, derived directly from transmission position and RPM’s. Additionally, we only use external data sources direct from governments or government-recognized laboratories.

The cost for the Fleet Energy Optimization Consultation service is directly related to the number of units required and the time allocated to data collection and analysis. Please complete our Intake Form to get a no-hassle quote unique to your fleet.

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