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The GRIP, Governor to Reduce Idling and Pollution, reduces and tracks idling time, fuel consumption, emissions and more, while ensuring operator safety, comfort, and convenience are paramount. GRIP automatically shuts the engine off after a predetermined amount of idling time in park or neutral. GRIP is ideal for police and emergency vehicles, with standard features such as rapid startup upon driver door opening and anti-theft security.

Even when idling, an engine consumes significant quantities of fuel — particularly when under load. In addition, engine idling is responsible for significant engine wear; one hour of engine idling is equal to 33 miles (or 53km) of engine wear and tear. When idling, an engine continues to emit harmful greenhouse gases. By reducing unnecessary engine idling, we directly reduce the amount of fuel consumed as well as maintenance costs by reducing engine wear and tear.

The GRIP System is a patented technology with widespread geographical and industrial applications. It has demonstrated performance and is backed by a team of expert support and engineering.

The GRIP Idle Management System continuously monitors a variety of vehicle conditions, and will turn off the engine whilst maintaining power to all auxiliary equipment, thereby reducing engine idle time. GRIP utilizes energy available through the vehicle’s OEM battery and auxiliary batteries, as well as the latent heat energy in the engine to avoid engine idling. In effect, the GRIP System turns a conventional vehicle into a “hybrid.”
The GRIP System will operate with any internal combustion engine and therefore, can be used with gasoline, diesel, CNG, and LPG. Any vehicle that may be subject to excessive idling can benefit from the GRIP System. Common applications include policing, EMS, work trucks, and more.
GRIP users typically see significant reductions in fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and harmful vehicle emissions. It’s not uncommon for GRIP users to reduce their idling by 35% or more.
The GRIP System comes in a kit format, with all necessary components; including a wiring harness, and has keyed connections — making it an error-free and plug-and-play installation.
Yes. The GRIP System’s Pilot Program has been designed to make it easy for fleets managers to prove anti-idling technology within their fleet.

On average, the GRIP System is expected to provide an ROI of better-than 50% of vehicle life. For example, in a policing application, the ROI is typically less than two years.

We’ve developed an ROI Calculator to make it easy for fleet managers to measure the GRIP’s effectiveness within their fleet, which can be access by clicking this link.

The GRIP System helps fleets reduce their carbon footprint and harmful emissions through idle reduction. GRIP consists of reusable components which can be redeployed at the end of a vehicle’s useful life, through our refurbishment program.

Learn why your fleet’s
anti-idling policy isn’t working… and why GRIP does.

GRIP is a patented vehicle control system that autonomously manages fleet idling, energy consumption, and climate-control so your operators can do their job safely and effectively.

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