System Features

An intuitive, all-in-one system to reduce idling and improve vehicle performance.

Easy Vehicle Selection

Standard Application Configurations

Easily choose from a list of standard applications and apply them to your GRIP System Configuration, including policing, rear facility control, bucket truck, and more.

Vehicle-Specific Configurations

Using our Service Tool, easily configure your GRIP Idle Management System by your vehicle’s make, model, year, engine displacement, fuel type, turbo, and more.

Optional Configurations

Anti-Theft Module

The anti theft function allows the operator to remove the keys while allowing the GRIP Systems to monitor the vehicle. Some vehicles require an anti theft module to be programmed.

Battery Monitoring

The system will monitor primary and auxiliary battery performance when the vehicle shuts down to identify the drop in voltage during a specified time. 

Automatic Climate Control

Used to synchronize and maximize the efficiency of the GRIP’s HVAC operation, the GRIP autonomously controls the vehicle’s climate system.

Auxiliary Heater Control

The GRIP System runs the fuel-fired heater when the engine is initially started and coolant temperature is below 65°C (149°F). The heater will continue to run until the coolant has reached an operating temperature of 70°C (158°F).

Auxiliary Heater Engine Boost

GRIP starts the engine when the ‘Low Engine Coolant Temp Set Point’ is reached, to aid the auxiliary heater in warming the coolant.  The engine will stay running until the ‘High Engine Coolant Set Point’ is achieved.

Humidity Control

The GRIP System monitors the humidity of the air at the windshield as well as the outside temperature, inside temperature, and windshield temperature to prevent windshield fogging.

Engine Start Options

Driver-Door Engine Start

The GRIP System can be configured to identify when the first opening and closing of the driver’s door occurs, as well as when the door is left open, and can start the engine accordingly.

Seatbelt Engine Start

The GRIP System can identify when the driver buckles their seatbelt and will start the vehicle’s engine accordingly.

Air Pressure Engine Start

The GRIP System can start the vehicle’s engine when the air pressure drops below the ‘Air Pressure Set Point’ and will run the engine until the ‘Air Pressure Set Point + the Air Pressure Offset’ is reached.

Hydraulic Temperature

The GRIP System can start the engine once the hydraulic temperature drops below the ‘Engine Start for Hydraulic Temp Settings’ – ‘Low Hydraulic Temp Set Point’ and run until it reaches the ‘High Hydraulic Temp Set Point’.

Climate Control

Air Conditioning Control

The GRIP System can maintain a cool climate in the cab and rear of the vehicle by monitoring internal and external temperature and controlling air conditioning.

Heat Control

The GRIP System can maintain a warm climate in the cab and rear of the vehicle by monitoring internal and external temperature and controlling the vehicle’s heater.

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