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Idle Management System

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Don’t wait to start seeing the benefits of reduced engine idle time – join the many Fleets already using GRIP to save money, cut down on harmful CO2, and extend the life of your engine. GRIP’s idling reduction technology (IRT) connects through your vehicle’s CAN network to intelligently monitor your engine and control your vehicle’s ignition to ensure all vehicle systems function as expected, even when the engine is turned off to reduce idle.

Engine Control

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GRIP’s idling reduction technology (IRT) can identify when your engine needs to be shut off. When this occurs, the vehicle ignition is set to a run state, allowing all existing vehicle functions to continue operating as expected. With GRIP, reducing your engine’s idle time doesn’t mean reducing your vehicle’s safety and convenience features. The GRIP system ensures your vehicle’s engine is always ready when you are. Engine idle time is adjustable through GRIP’s online dashboard, delivering the customized settings important to your vehicle management requirements.


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The GRIP online dashboard allows you a straightforward approach to configuring and deploying your GRIP system wherever you are located and whenever it is convenient. You will also find accurate data representing your vehicle’s fuel savings, engine wear, and CO2 emissions reduction.

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For added benefits, combine your GRIP Idle Management System with our range of GRIP HYBRID products to extend the benefits of your GRIP system and provide further vehicle comfort and conveniences necessary for your unique work environment. 

Climate Control

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A GRIP system paired with the E-BREEZE Pro Plus delivers autonomous air-conditioning comfort leaving you with continuous climate comfort when your vehicle’s engine is off. With the addition of an auxiliary heater solution, such as the ProHeat X30, you’ll also experience the benefits of automated continuous in-vehicle heat, supporting you in the most extreme climates. HVAC solutions paired with the GRIP system are designed to integrate into your vehicle’s existing HVAC system, delivering seamless operation between your vehicle’s OEM climate control system and the GRIP system.


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For vehicles which use an auxiliary battery system, GRIP offers additional integration solutions that support existing auxiliary power systems, allowing you to maintain all essential vehicle components even when the engine is off. The GRIP system is also designed to be installed with our APU systems if your vehicle isn’t equipped with such a solution.

Designed to work in virtually any vehicle!

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The GRIP HYBRID System is flexible in its design and can be installed in virtually any vehicle. You can select the accessories that are ideal for your fleet and goals. No matter the sector or vehicle, GRIP can adapt to your fleet, reduce your costs, and ensure your drivers/operators have access to the same functions and features they use when their vehicle’s engine is running. If your vehicles have a key switch and CAN network, we can adapt GRIP to work for them.