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Track and analyze fleet idling

Improve operator compliance. Analyze GRIP savings. Access proprietary data that no other solution can offer. Make more informed fleet decisions.
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A unified system to manage, analyze, and improve fleet idling

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Easy management

Edit, change, and configure vehicles, costs, zones, and settings with ease.

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Remote configuration

Configure GRIP System settings from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Proprietary data access

Access idling data that no other system or technology offers.

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Pre-configured reporting

Enjoy filterable charts and data derived directly from your fleet.

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Meet your goals

Analyze your fleet’s idle data and savings against corporate and sustainability goals.

Collect & access unique, proprietary idle data from your fleet

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Identify preventable vehicle issues before they happen

GRIP’s Fleet Dashboard provides fleet managers with important alerts, events, and notifications, allowing you to analyze operator behaviour and correct vehicle issues well before they become costly and problematic.

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Analyze and improve your fleet's idling with GRIP & Idle Tracker™

By identifying the amount of idling in their fleets, fleet managers can evaluate the opportunity for fuel, maintenance, and emission reductions by utilizing the GRIP Idle Management System.

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