Does your fleet have an expensive idling problem?

The GRIP Idle Management System is an ROI-focused solution to costly fleet idling issues, reducing fleet idling by 30-70%.

Do you know the

Impact of your fleet's idling?

Calculations are based on industry averages pertaining to typical vehicle types (bucket trucks, work trucks, and police interceptors), mixed fuel types (gasoline and diesel), and average cost of fuel per gallon/litre. Additionally, maintenance costs are calculated based on statistical data identifying that 1 hour of idling is equal to 32.9 mi (53km) of engine wear.


GRIP is your solution

The GRIP Idle Management System is an all-in-one, plug-and-play technology that manages, controls, and reduces fleet idling by 30-70%; resulting in reduced fuel costs, engine wear and tear, maintenance costs, and extends vehicle life.

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Reduce Emissions

Identify and reduce your entire fleet's harmful carbon emissions

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Reduce Fuel Consumption

Diagnose and diminish your fleet's fuel consumption and waste

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Reduce Operating Costs

Decrease costs by eliminating wasted fuel and engine wear

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Extend Vehicle Life

Reduce harmful wear and extend the lifespan of your fleet's vehicles

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Reduce Maintenance Hours

Spend less time in the shop and more time on the road

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management
Improve Safety & Security

Improve the safety and security of your vehicle's operators

Reduce Idling. Retain Functions.

GRIP controls and manages your fleet’s idling without impacting your operators day-to-day use. In many utility fleets, vehicles are left idling to retain PTO or hydraulic power, to power radios, and to provide electrical power to certain components vital to the operators service. The GRIP System automatically controls your ignition’s on/off while retaining power and functionality to your most vital components.

Your operators will never notice a difference in their day-to-day function.

Detailed fleet analytics

Get a detailed view of your entire fleet’s idling habits, fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and the effectiveness of your investment in the GRIP Idle Management System.

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What else can GRIP do for you?

Understand when and why your fleet is idling

Identify how GRIP is working within your fleet

Get a detailed view of your fleet’s savings using GRIP

Improve operator safety and security with GRIP’s anti-theft module

Solve unique, complex vehicle functionality requirements with GRIP

Automatically control and maintain front and/or rear climate

Most fleets see a full ROI in 5-12 months

Reduce your emissions to meet legislation, by-laws, and policies

Anti-idling technology reduce human intervention, improving overall operator compliance

We continue to install the GRIP System on our vehicles, and have actually downsized our fleet by 12 vehicles as a result. Our cumulative savings in 2017 were 36% reduction in total fuel consumed, 35% reduction in GHG emissions, and 43% reduction in total non-PTO idling hours.

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Want to know how much your fleet's idling is costing you?

Get complimentary review of your fleet’s idling, wherein we’ll take a few simple details to identify how much your fleet’s idling is costing you, how much your could save with the GRIP system, and how quickly your fleet would expect to see a positive ROI.

Reduce your fleet’s idling by 30-75% with the GRIP Idle Management System
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