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GRIP controller

GRIP Controller

The GRIP Controller is the “brain” of the system. It receives data from the vehicle through the CAN (Controlled Area Network) as well as each of the additional sensors added within the system.

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ProheatX InEnclosure r

Proheat X30 Heater

Proheat X30 is the most advanced diesel-powered heating solution for reliable cold-weather starting, fluid heating, and passenger comfort. Featuring onboard O2 feedback, X30 automatically adjusts for the best possible combustion to suit the environment.

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grip screen

GRIP Screen

The GRIP Screen is the interface between the operator and the controller. The Screen will display the status of the vehicle and indicate to the operator when…

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The Solenoid latches the primary and auxiliary batteries. When the voltage in the primary battery reaches a lower threshold, a signal is sent from the controller to the solenoid to latch to the auxiliary battery.

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grip anti theft module


The Anti-Theft module allows the operator to leave the vehicle secured with keys in-hand while the GRIP System continues to monitor and control the vehicle.

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coolant pump

Coolant Pump

GRIP’s External Coolant Pump keeps already-warm coolant flowing through the vehicle’s heat exchanger, allowing the vehicle’s cabin to retain heat and warmth without running the engine.

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