GRIP Controller

The GRIP Controller is the “brain” of the system. It receives data from the vehicle through the CAN (Controlled Area Network) as well as each of the additional sensors added within the system. The controller receives information on engine revolutions, transmission status, battery voltage, coolant temperature, engine hours, interior and exterior climate, and hood position. It takes all of this information and decides when the vehicle can be shut down to avoid idle, or when the vehicle needs to be running to meet the criteria set in the program or operator input.

GRIP controller

Features & Benefits

Automates Ignition Control Based on pre-configured settings, the GRIP Controller automatically turns the engine on and off to reduce idling and ensure specific functional and conditional requirements are maintained.
Set-And-Forget This GRIP Controller's settings can be pre-configured based on a Fleet Manager's desired settings, allowing for further optimization of reductions, without the need for operator intervention.
Multi-Functional Receiving data from through CAN, the GRIP Controller is able to control and manage climate, humidity, voltage, specific engine-start scenarios, and more through use of sensors, batteries, and the vehicle's engine.

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