September 25, 2019

100 Best Fleets Vancouver

City of Vancouver Operations Center - Public Works
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100 Best Fleets

About the 100 Best Fleets Vancouver

100 Best Fleets Vancouver

City of Vancouver Operations Center - Public Works

Join us in round-table interactive discussions led by winners of The 100 Best Fleets in the Northwest.

We only learn from the best!

Roger Thompson with Effective Management Decisions of Milwaukee, WI will be helping us with solutions. Roger is considered one of the top-five fleet minds in the country. In his 25 years of fleet management, he has supervised both public and private operations and designed over 60 fleet facilities. This is a rare opportunity to learn from an expert. There is literally nothing he hasn’t seen or heard. He has also keynoted many industry conferences, won state & national awards for productivity and efficiency. Recently he helped write the APWA manual. Roger is a rare talent. Most recently, he ran the City of Baton Rouge, LA fleet department implementing 54 startling improvements.

Paul Chamberlin, Fleet Services Manager for Clark Public Utilities, is retiring after 30 years as an outstanding public servant leader. He will be presenting “Lessons Learned; If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!” These valuable insights, strategies and tips will make your job easier. This is a one-time-only presentation. You will want to be there to say goodbye to Paul.

A special emphasis of our time together will be on emerging technologies that top fleets use to be recognized as the best out of 38,000 public fleets in North America. These technologies are changing the way the industry works. There are only two ways to do more with less; technology is one of them. Learn how virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) will be impacting fleets of the future.

We are living in the future.

Other special topics will include Twenty-first-century leadership by the #4 winner of The 100 Best Fleets The technician shortage and practical, real-world solutions that are working across the country.

This is need-to-know information you can’t get any place else.

Event Start Date
September 25, 2019
Event End Date
September 25, 2019
4711 E 4th Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661

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