July 31, 2019

Top 100 Fleets Ft. Collins

City of Ft. Collins Fleet Facility
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100 Best Fleets

About the Top 100 Fleets Ft. Collins

Top 100 Fleets Ft. Collins

City of Ft. Collins Fleet Facility

City of Ft. Collins, Clean Cities, NAFA, Fleet Pros & The 100 Best Fleets in The Americas™ Present: Solutions to the Biggest Fleet Challenges in 2019; Best Practices from The 100 Best Fleets

The sessions will be facilitated by managers of The 100 Best Fleet in the West, including the Fleet Manager of the Year for 2018. At one point in his career, he supervised 8,000 pieces of equipment and 320 technicians. We only learn from the best. A special emphasis will be on the emerging technologies top fleets use to be recognized as one of The 100 Best Fleets. There are only two ways to do more with less; technology is one of them. Technology is the highest productivity-driving investment an organization can make. It helps manage “big data” to spot trends and make optimal business decisions. It is imperative to have the right technology partners that have all been vetted by these outstanding fleets. In today’s environment no one can afford a mistake; and why would you with so many peer-to-peer evaluations available?

Event Start Date
July 31, 2019
Event End Date
July 31, 2019
300 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

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