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Police Fleet Idling

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As a core work function, policer officers are one of the largest idlers, idling vehicles for 60-70% of the time they’re in use. This number increases significantly in slip-seat scenarios. With the GRIP Idle Management System installed, police fleets experience an average of 30-70% in reduced fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and harmful emissions.

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Analyzing the annual idling habits, costs, and emissions in police fleets
Idle Time
On average, police vehicles idle for 70% of their daily shift
Fuel Consumption
In a 24/7 slip-seat scenario, this equates to 3,986 gal. (annually) of fuel consumed at idle
Fuel Costs
These 3,986 gallons of wasted fuel translates to $10,283 in wasted fuel costs every year
Engine Wear
Idling 70% of the time, this equates to 201,943 miles of unnecessary engine wear
Maintenance Costs
These 201,943 miles of engine wear equate to $15,145 in associated maintenance costs
CO2 Emissions
Idling 70% of the time, police fleets produce 74,136 lbs. of CO2 emissions
*The calculations and figures presented in this fleet review are budgetary based on industry standards and are subject to fluctuation, change, and actual fleet numbers. Fuel costs used are based on annual averages for the 2018 calendar year for diesel and gasoline. Values used for fuel consumption are based on industry averages and are subject to vary from vehicle to vehicle. The 32.93 mi. value used for engine wear per hour of idling is based on collected industry data . The industry-assumed idling percentage is based on data gathered from GRIP Idle Management Inc. customers as well as retrievable online data. Maintenance cost is based on vehicle classification and fuel type, including light duty gasoline, light duty diesel, heavy duty gasoline, heavy duty diesel, and combined averages when gasoline vs diesel fleet makeup is not provided.
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