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Idle Management Technology Deployment in Policing Vehicles

Police Fleet - Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management System
A unified system to

Identify and Improve Police Fleet Idling

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Vehicle Emissions

Identify and reduce your entire fleet's harmful carbon emissions.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Fuel Consumption

Diagnose and diminish your fleet's fuel consumption and waste.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Operating Costs

Decrease your operational costs by eliminating fuel waste and engine wear.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Vehicle Life

Reduce harmful wear and extend the lifespan of your fleet's vehicles.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Maintenance Hours

Spend less time repairing fleet vehicles in the shop and more time on the road.

Anti-Idling Technology - GRIP Idle Management

Safety & Security

Improve the safety and security of your vehicle's operators.

Extraordinary evidence

Reducing Idling & Extending Police Fleet Vehicle Life

As a core work function, policer officers are one of the largest idlers, idling vehicles for 60-70% of the time they’re in use. This number increases significantly in slip-seat scenarios. With the GRIP Idle Management System installed, police fleets experience an average of 30-70% in reduced fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and harmful emissions.

of annual fuel savings per vehicle
of annual emissions savings per vehicle

*Data based on vehicle averages. Actual conditions, applications, and usage is subject to change. Data retrieved an unnamed Police Department fleet application. 

Police Vehicle Anti-Idling Case Study - GRIP Idle Management System

Case Study

Columbus PD Could Save $1.2M Annually in Fuel Consumption

With Ford eliminating the manufacturing of the Crown Victoria, the City of Columbus, Ohio’s Police Department began advocating for SUV’s (namely, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility) as a replacement to their primary policing vehicle. 

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